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"TPM is one of the best conferences for transport planners and researchers looking to meet like-minded people and openly share real-world project experiences and challenges with their fellow professionals. It is why we strongly encourage members of the ITP team to submit papers and attend".

Neil Taylor, Director, ITP

“I went to present, and that went really well, but the key thing for me is that I heard so many interesting people talking about such interesting ideas, and came away with my mind buzzing, so inspired and thinking about how I can put all I learnt into action. (PS nice that there were lots of women speakers and attendees too - transport things can sometimes be quite male dominated!) “

Katie Chesworth, Mott MacDonald

“TPM 2017 was excellent from start to finish - I particularly enjoyed the breadth of the talks and liveliness of the various debates. I am already looking forward to TPM 2018!”

Philippa Ivens, ARUP

“The TPM is an amazing opportunity to share knowledge, perspectives and practices on a national level.   Such events are vital in our ability to steer the Transport Planning profession in the right direction for the challenges of the future.”

Andy Martin, Transport for London


“The transport practitioners' meeting is a great place to go and hear about the many valuable projects and innovate approached being applied to the challenges of connecting people to places. A positive experience.”

Hannah Budnitz, RTPI

“A great opportunity to meet people from across the transport planning community and to share new ideas and methodologies.”

Chris Wroe, Telefonica UK


"As someone from outside the Transport Planning profession, I was expecting to be considered a niche outsider with a narrow viewpoint. I could not have been more wrong - TPM was incredibly welcoming, open-minded and interdisciplinary. The talks were broad yet contextual, evidence-based yet future-facing. Discussions were lively and two-way; the workshops engaging and enjoyable. Most of all, the entire community had an unflinching desire to be self-critical, conceding some hard but fair truths about how to shape the future of transport planning, preventing the event from being a self-congratulatory echo-chamber that many other conferences have slipped in to. I would strongly recommend TPM to a broad range of built environment professionals.”  

Peter Cooper, ARUP

“As a transport planning professional this is the annual event I look forward too, to reconnect and update my skills and knowledge. The only negative regarding this event is that there is so much good stuff it's hard to pick what sessions to attend!”

Joanna Ward, CIHT

“Hugely insightful and exciting day!” Sean Butler, CPC Project Services

“The TPM conference is engaging, fun and insightful sector event with a focus on quality discussions and info sharing. As a networking opportunity it works really well too.”

Sam Robinson, Love to Ride (Exhibitor)

“TPM really is THE event for transport planners to come together, share experience and debate the latest topics.

Looking forward to Oxford already!”

Stephen Bennett, ARUP



*TfL supports the continuing training and transfer of knowledge amongst transport planners promoted by TPM