The trials of starting in a new office

After three months on the job, I think I can finally say I’m getting adjusted to office life in the UK – although, some transitions from my previous office in Canada to our headquarters...
22 November 2016/Number of views (277)

Buses Matter

Nick Richardson - Chair, PTRC

A creeping realisation has come to many parts of the country. Local bus services are being eroded as local authorities are forced to cut back spending.

31 October 2016/Number of views (695)

The Future will be Different

David Metz

When we plan for the future, we naturally extrapolate past trends. But there is emerging evidence that travel in the twenty-first century will be different from travel in the twentieth century. 
29 September 2016/Number of views (530)


We are pleased to announce that the Call for Papers for TPM 2017 has been issued. We request all interested parties submit abstracts by 19 January 2017. Please click here to find out more information.

Advancing skills knowledge with PTRC


Traffic Orders - Principles and Good Practice

13 December, Birmingham

6 June, London

This course provides delegate with an understanding of the formal stages involved in making different types of Traffic Order, and will offer valuable insight into the process for creating these important legal documents.

Designing for Buses in the Urban Environment

14 December, Birmingham

17 May, London

This one-day course will highlight common mistakes that can occur during the planning and design of bus interchanges and infrastructure. Exploring issues that may at first appear minor, but if not identified and addressed early can result in challenging and costly remedial work during the construction and post opening phases of the project.

Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers

18-19 January, Manchester

6-7 February, London

7-8 March, Bristol

26-27 April, Birmingham

Is transport modelling something of an unknown quantity that you need to know more about? This course provides an indispensable introduction for anyone from a non-modelling background, and is designed for those managing transportation projects that involve an element of modelling.

Traffic and Transport Survey Techniques

14 February, Leeds

Traffic data is an essential input to any traffic and transport project - and there are many ways to collect this information! This course will acquaint delegates with the many types of collection while exploring the advantages and disadvantages of each available method.