We’re all ears – DfT’s consultation on priorities for developing our appraisal and modelling guidance (WebTAG)

The Department for Transport

Last month, DfT published a consultation on priorities for developing our appraisal and modelling guidance (WebTAG). Our appraisal framework aims to provide as full a view as possible about the...
16 August 2018/Number of views (707)

The draft London Plan – what next for transport?

Martin Reed, Arup

The London Plan is the Mayor’s primary mechanism through which to coordinate London’s evolution and development over a 20-25 year period.  A full review of the 2016 London Plan...
12 July 2018/Number of views (892)

How can you lend your voice to the future of transport planning?

Nick Richardson - Chair, PTRC

Transport has caught the public imagination recently with talk of driverless cars, widespread adoption of electric vehicles, delivery drones and all manner of applied technology alongside some...
13 June 2018/Number of views (899)


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Advancing skills knowledge with PTRC


Healthy Streets - Improving Walkability  

26 September, London 

This course sets out the strategic drivers that are shaping our future cities. It examines the movement and place dimensions, identifies the various benefits of walking and how liveable, healthy, complete streets can be achieved by quantitative and qualitative measurements. Supporting the delivery of high-density, mixed use developments that are planned around active and sustainable travel will ensure that urban growth is good growth.

Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers    

26 - 27 September, Glasgow

Is transport modelling something of an unknown quantity that you need to know more about? This course provides an indispensable introduction for anyone from a non-modelling background, and is designed for those managing transportation projects that involve an element of modelling.

Road Safety Audits

28 September, London   

This course will introduce delegates to the causes of accidents and how they can be addressed by engineering, education and enforcement. It will particularly focus on the use of road safety audits as one way of ensuring that safety is given sufficient consideration in the design process.

The course will be useful to both those new to the safety audit process and those looking for updates on the latest development in this field.