A new hope

By James Gleave

Originally published on Last week, 28 - 29 June 2017, transport planning in the UK had its big annual bash, the Transport Practitioners Meeting, where for the second year...
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Death to Transport Planning, Long Live Transport Planning!

An interview with James Gleave

James Gleave, Founder of Transport Futures, has played a pivotal role in helping us shape the special two-day plenary session ‘Death to Transport Planning, Long live Transport...
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Creating more road capacity generates more traffic

Nick Richardson, Chair PTRC

Once again the debate at the core of UK transport planning has emerged, this time in the challenge set down by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).  This champions the cause for...
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Thank you to everyone who made #2017TPM a success! Keep an eye on our conference page for the highlights! 

Advancing skills knowledge with PTRC


Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers

30-31 August, Glasgow

5-6 September, Birmingham

13-14 September, London

Is transport modelling something of an unknown quantity that you need to know more about? This course provides an indispensable introduction for anyone from a non-modelling background, and is designed for those managing transportation projects that involve an element of modelling.

NEW: Construction Management Plans

5 September, Birmingham

Learn how to creatively manage down delivery and other freight traffic without compromising the build process and ensure that the solutions are affordable and efficient. Perfect for those involved in any aspect of construction management.

NEW: Technical Report Writing

6 September, London

Could you use a brush up on the fundamentals of technical writing? With this course, learn how to accurately convey your ideas into the written word and gain the confidence you need to deliver effective reports!

NEW: Cycling for Transport

6-7 September, London

Would you like to know how to increase the use of cycling as a mode of transport in your community? Learn all you need to know to effectively address cycling transport issues from all fields.

Advanced Road Safety Audit and Engineering

6-7 September, London

In 2013 there was a 4% in traffic accident fatalities in Great Britain over the previous year. How do transport planners address this issue to ensure safety for everyone on the road? Learn all about it with this course.