If in Doubt, Read the Small Print

For decades we have been demanding ever more from our streets. It is not just that people are travelling more. Now there are multiple elements to manage: reconciling the movement and place...
21 May 2015/Number of views (74)

The 2015 Urban Transport Design Award

Call for Nominations

The Urban Transport Design Award recognises highways, traffic and transport schemes that do much more than just facilitate movement, and urban realm schemes that do much more than look good...
30 April 2015/Number of views (191)

Developments with Road Safety Audit and Collision, Prevention and Reduction practice in the UK

New highway schemes and developmental infrastructure should ideally be designed and implemented in accordance with safe systems principles.  One way to help achieve this is through the...
27 April 2015/Number of views (183)




Risk, Liability and Project Delivery - Essential Legislation for Highways and Transport Practitioners

3rd-4th June, London

The reduction in personnel within many local authorities has led to staff and term consultants having to become familiar with wider and varying areas of activity, often without being provided sufficient training on the legal requirements placed on highway authorities. In addition the current pressures on management of the network as well as delivery of highway and traffic projects can at times mean that not all practitioners have a complete understanding of the powers, statutory duties and the legal and administrative bases on which the network is managed and projects are promoted.

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Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers

18th-19th June, London

The modelling of junctions, road networks and public transport systems provides fundamental information to support decisions taken on future land uses, investment in the transport system and other policy interventions. The mathematical programs underpinning commonly used modelling packages are highly complex and sophisticated systems.

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Transport Practitioners' Meeting (TPM) 2015

1st-2nd July, London

TPM is the annual meeting place for all transport planners, highway engineers and urban transport designers. Over the course of this two-day conference, practitioners, policy makers and academics will present their topical papers, enabling lively debates and the dissemination of the latest thinking across the profession.

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