Transport for t’North
The PM and Chancellor’s visit to Leeds this Monday to launch HS3 marked not only a greater focus from Central Government on the Northern economies, but also the first steps of a return to regional governance for transport, with the announcement of the creation of Transport for the North – a body that will cover the five city regions of...

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On-Street Parking Scheme Design: Essential Knowledge for Transport Professionals
20th - 21st January 2015 - London
21st January 2015 - Manchester

This course focuses on providing attendees with a clear understanding of how to develop evidence based solutions for parking issues whilst avoiding common mistakes. Parking management and provision is a key concern to industry professionals and the general public alike.

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The Principles of Traffic and Transport 20 Week Evening Lecture Series, Jacobs, London

22nd January - 18th June 2015 
Whether you are new to the transport industry, are looking to refresh your knowledge on transport principles, or if you have taken on a new responsibility or are working in a 'niche area' and wish to broaden your knowledge, PTRC's 20 week evening lecture series offers a cost-effective and time-inexpensive training course that will benefit both the participating employee and their employer.

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Planning Public Transport, London
11th - 12th February 2015
This two - day course provides a practical guide to operations, planning , improved scheduling, market forecasting and economic appraisal methods for the development of the bus and tram services.

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