The Future will be Different

David Metz

When we plan for the future, we naturally extrapolate past trends. But there is emerging evidence that travel in the twenty-first century will be different from travel in the twentieth century. 
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PTRC’s Principles of Traffic and Transport 20-week evening lecture series began in 2004

simple but unique aim to provide a platform for experienced transport professionals to share their knowledge with newer industry recruits and those wanting to broaden their understanding of the...
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Sign of the times - Traffic signs: regulations and general directions update

The PTRC course Traffic Signing – from first principles to best practice is planned for 6th – 7th September 2016 in London. The course will offer an opportunity for participants to...
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Advancing skills knowledge with PTRC


Here's to another Transport Practitioners' Meeting! A big thank you to all the speakers, delegates and sponsors who made the event a success. Watch this space for updates on the 2017 Call for Papers!


Successful Planning Applications for Transport Practitioners

8th November, London 22nd March, Birmingham

Are you involved in the development planning process? This course explores how the transportation issues associated with new developments are considered by local planning authorities, and guides practitioners through the key steps for ensuring that transport considerations contribute to a successful planning decision.

Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers

8th-9th November, London 17th-18th January, Manchester 7th-8th March, Bristol 26th-27th April, Birmingham

Is transport modelling something of an unknown quantity that you need to know more about? This course provides an indispensable introduction for anyone from a non-modelling background, and is designed for those managing transportation projects that involve an element of modelling.

Designing for Modellers

14th November, London

Get to know the transport network which your models are based on. This course will provide you with an awareness of the foundations of highway and traffic design assisting you in the development of transport models.

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Delivering Effective Policy

22nd November, London

This course considers the basic principles of transport policy taking an objective-led approach as its starting point. It then addresses a range of mechanisms and approaches by which policy is translated into initiatives on the ground, taking account of planning and appraisal tools, stakeholder engagement and feedback and monitoring of desired outcomes.

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