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Urban Logistics in Transport Planning - OnlineThis event is closed.
Start Date:11/09/2020 09:00:00
End Date:11/09/2020 17:00:00
Event Code:PTRC0665
Efficient, safe and sustainable movement of freight within urban areas is essential to ensure towns and cities prosper and local businesses thrive. Freight is the lifeblood of our local economies and needs to be planned for and effectively managed, to balance the needs of industry with those of local communities, other road users and the environment.

Freight is often treated as an add-on to the movement of people, but it can have very significant impact on local amenities, road safety and air quality. And many urban freight management measures exist, from use of Delivery & Servicing Plans (DSPs) to retiming freight activity outside of the normal trading day. But which measures are suitable for which scenarios? And how do policy makers and practitioners select the right mix of solutions for their specific issues, using quality data to make informed decisions?

This course provides the essential background to the nature of freight movement in urban areas using real-world case studies from around the globe.

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