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Cycling for Transport, OnlineThis event is closed.
Start Date:20/07/2020 09:00:00
End Date:21/07/2020 09:00:00
Event Code:PTRC0640


In recent years, cycling has experienced an unprecedented renaissance in the UK. With support from high profile politicians, such as the London Mayor, increased funding allocations and growing recognition of the societal value of take-up, cycling can be expected to maintain its place in the public spotlight. However, it isn’t all good news - cycling participation in the UK remains low compared to other European countries, and fears over road safety and a sometimes poor image contribute to significant gender, race and socio-economic variations in participation levels.


The increasing concerns over reducing road congestion and carbon emissions, and the desire to promote public health and fitness, are some of the factors why cycling is frequently encouraged as a sustainable mode of transport. This course investigates policy, technical and societal issues underpinning current cycling levels and explores proven methods of increasing cycling participation rates and take-up on the ground.

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Course Fees

Standard Fee: £525 + VAT

CILT Member/ Local Authority/ Charity Fee: £475 + VAT


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