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Healthy Streets: Improving the Walkability of our Cities, LondonThis event is closed.
Start Date:27/09/2019 09:00:00
End Date:27/09/2019 17:00:00
Event Code:PTRC0591
Walking is the glue that holds all trips together. Most short journeys are still made wholly on foot and is one of the most common form of travel in Britain; accounting for 22% of all journeys in 2012, forming the first and last mile of most longer journeys. Walking offers a healthy, low-cost, non-polluting mode of transport that is available to most people, regardless of age and income. It has a significant role to play within an overall integrated transport system, both as a mode of transport in its own right and in conjunction with other modes.

Walking is the nearest activity to perfect exercise and is the cheapest and simplest form of transport. Not only does it keep the walker healthy but it keeps the planet healthy too by cutting down on harmful air pollutants. The benefits of a cleaner environment not only offer health benefits it can often be a catalyst for improving the economy.

This course sets out the strategic drivers including economic, environmental, social, technologies and political domains that are shaping our future cities. It discusses the movements and place dimensions and identifies the various benefits of walking and how that would be achievable by quantitative and qualitative measurements.

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