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The Principles of Traffic and Transport - 20 Week Evening Lecture Series (Dubai) - OnlineThis event has been removed from booking.
Start Date:14/02/2022 17:30:00
End Date:04/07/2022 19:00:00
Event Code:PTRC0758
The transportation system is being asked to play a greater role in society these days as we strive to move people, fuel the economy, be more energy efficient, and address the role of the automobile in climate change. These are broad themes that will affect the transportation profession for years to come, however at the ‘street level’ there is still the day-today of designing, operating, evaluating and improving the local transportation system in our cities and towns.

Whether you are new to the transportation industry, are looking to refresh your knowledge on transportation principles, or if you have taken on a new responsibility or are working in a ‘niche area’ and wish to broaden your knowledge, PTRC’s 20week evening lecture series offers a cost-effective and time-inexpensive training course that will benefit both the participating employee and their employer.

This evening seminar program has been running in Europe for over fifteen years. PTRC is happy to be launching the 20 Week Evening Lecture Series in Dubai in January 2022.


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Course Fees

Standard Fee: £700
CILT & TPS Member/Local Authority/Charity Fee: £650


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