Creating more road capacity generates more traffic

Nick Richardson, Chair PTRC

Once again the debate at the core of UK transport planning has emerged, this time in the challenge set down by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).  This champions the cause for...
24 April 2017/Number of views (605)

How can we get drivers to give up their cars?

Many people have long believed that the way forward for cities to manage their transport is to get people out of their cars and on to public transport, their bikes or their feet. This...
08 March 2017/Number of views (915)

Diversity and Cycling

Rachel Aldred, University of Westminster

Like walking, cycling is regularly hailed as a ‘miracle pill’ equivalent. Most of us don’t get enough physical activity, which is linked to conditions from diabetes to...
10 February 2017/Number of views (2057)


The #2017TPM programme is here! Running 28-29 June in Nottingham, make sure you check in on our dedicated conference page regularly for all the latest updates! 

Advancing skills knowledge with PTRC


Traffic Orders - Principles and Good Practice

6 June, Birmingham

This course provides delegates with an understanding of the formal stages involved in making different types of Traffic Order, and will offer valuable insight into the process for creating important legal documents.

Design Construction and Maintenance of Highway Drainage Systems

20-21 June, London

Aimed at both managers and recent recruits, this course provides delegates with a solid grounding in the various design and construction approaches to the provision of effective and maintainable highway drainage and relevant legislation and guidance applicable to this area.

The Fundamentals of Travel Planning

5 July, London

As professionals, many of us get involved in some aspects of the travel planning process, but understanding a clear and easy process from beginning to end can really help with planning and delivery.

Station Travel Planning

6 July, London

This course addresses how station travel plans can be developed and delivered, whilst looking at some of the innovative approaches being employed across the UK, including a review of some of the international case studies around station travel planning and placemaking.

The Equality Act for Placemakers and Transport Planners

11 July, London

Claims for disability discrimination are on the increase and anyone involved with policies and projects impacting on the design and operation of the public realm needs to have a working knowledge of the provisions of this act, provided through this course.

Public Inquiries and Appeals

12-13 July, London

How confident do you feel about the prospect of presenting evidence under cross-examination? This course, aimed at practitioners with your first formal inquiry or wanting to refresh skills, provides hands on experience of preparing a robust case and defending it under scrutiny.